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Youngsta CPT Reflects On How Producers Are Outshining SA Rappers SA Hip Hop Mag

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Youngsta CPT Reflects On How Producers Are Outshining SA Rappers. He has been dubbed as the street poet in Capetown, a rapper with controversial and incisive rhymes, and a performer whose outspoken manner has earned him legions of followers and some of the industry’s highest honors. With all the respect he has got in the Hip hop game, Youngsta CPT has hailed the works being done by the hip hop producers as well.

During an interview with The ElementSA the Capetown rapper made it known that hip hop producers in Mzansi should receive more credit on the making of many hit songs. He mentioned that their creative prowess has contributed the most in game.

“It’s the producers who actually outshine the rappers.” Summing up his statement he also gave a quick breakdown on his relationship with one of the young producers in the hip hop game Shayne Jay.

“Shayne Jay came to me during that time, he was brought to me I didn’t known him for a very long time and I literally just heard like three beats of his.” “Its quite refreshing knowing that this person was unknown, he was from Capetown and they were young.”

“So those were the things that stand out to me, I’ve never heard of this guy, he is a young guy, he is new, he is fresh you know.” “So I setup a meeting with him and the first time I started speaking to him I could speak out about his humility.”

Youngsta CPT went on and give much respect to all the producers that have contributed massively to his career and the hiphop culture at large.

“And this is something I wanna give a shoutout to all the producers out there listening, I love you, I love your characters, I love your behaviors, I love your personalities, just because I can see you are purely in it for the creation of the arts and nothing else.”

Nonetheless, Youngsta CPT and Shayne Jay have managed to work together on sounding projects. Their recent piece of work is the newly released album Dreams Don’t Pay Bills. The project features top quality music artists in the country like as Jannah Beth, The Big Hash, KashCPT, Tembipowers, DJ Ready D, and EMile YX as they all seek to perfect a new revolution in the hip hop game. 

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