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YoungstaCPT Shares His Initial Reaction To Nasty C Whilst Making “Way To Go” SA Hip Hop Mag

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YoungstaCPT Shares His Initial Reaction To Nasty C Whilst Making “Way To Go”. He has a distinct unique sound and can freestyle on practically any subject. He has received multiple awards in the SA rap game. YoungstaCPT has been producing music for as long as he can remember, but he began commercially recording music in 2010 and began investing in his ambition.

Despite having one of the best lyrical power in the SA rap game YoungstaCPT managed to take time and appreciate the hip hop artists that he has worked with. During an interview with MacG the Capetown rapper made it known that he was blown away by the lyrical content that Nasty C possesses. This came after he shared the events that took place when he met Stogie T, Dj Switch leading to the making of the song “Way It Go.”

YoungstaCPT Shares His Initial Reaction To Nasty C Whilst Making “Way To Go”

“My arrival here created a collaboration for me as well but it also brought a new name Nasty C and we both got to introduced to each other on that song (“Way It Go”) crazy.” YoungstaCPT further explained how DJ Switch influenced the making of the song and his impact to brought Nasty C on the song. “I remember DJ Switch was actually the was power plant for that track, because he kinda actioned like and enforced like Nasty C needs to be on this song.

So originally it was going to be me Stogie and Ginger Trill, then it could have been me, Stogie and Khayo, so the third rapper was always be a question mark, always tried to find the third guy to be on the song.” “And Switch was like Yoh, why dont we just get Nasty C, me and Stogie looked at each other and you think he can rap with us?” he said.

Just to prove that Nasty C was the perfect fit for the song, YoungstaCPT mentioned that DJ Switch played one of Nasty C’s song (Juice Back) “Ok let me play you a song, he takes his phone plugged the aux and he played Juice Back, that’s the song Switch played me.” Youngsta went on and explained how he was amazed by Nasty C rap and the lyrical content in the song “Juice Back.”

“I heard the first few minutes, I didn’t have to hear the bars, you know they say about music you can tell if you gonna like it in the first seconds or not.” “As soon as I heard that “Man man man you should hate yourself,” and when I heard the chorus I was like $h**t.” Just the pattering of certain words, I’m a rapper I write music, the pattering of certain words, “look into the mirror n**ga rate yourself, he could’ve just said, look in the mirror check your reflection you understand what I’m saying.”

“As a writer that caught my ear I’m like $h**t this guy can write, because this is a hook but there are still some substances, there is depth in the hook, most hooks don’t need to have depth, just say some $h**t that everybody need to repeat longer, its the lightest part of a song.” Least there is something on the hook, I’m like mmh, there’s some meat on the bone and I just heard a few lines of the verse and i was like put him on the song,” he said.

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