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Zedd and Griff Join Forces For “Inside Out”

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Griff kicks off her 2020 campaign with a powerful ballad called ‘Good Stuff.’

Zedd teams up with UK newcomer Griff for a feel-good banger called “Inside Out.” The German producer’s second single of 2020 (justice for “Funny”!) is about the rush you get from truly being seen by someone. “We stayed up all night talking to each other, whispers under covers,” the 19-year-old begins the song over Zedd’s mellow house beats. “You told me your life, wasn’t always easy I said I know the feeling.” They decide to be there for each other on the chorus: “Nothing you say is gonna scare me now, still gonna… love you inside out.”

“I started working on ‘Inside Out’ roughly a year and a half ago,” Zedd reveals. “We are in such a tense state of the world right now; I feel like this song can provide people with a much-needed sense of hope.” Griff then gives her take on the song. “[It’s] about any relationship in your life that’s worth holding onto, whether it’s platonic or romantic,” she explains. “I feel like these days everything is about how things look on the outside, and so the idea of loving someone from the inside first, feels like quite an important thing to say right now.”

Listen to Zedd and Griff’s loved-up “Inside Out” below.

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