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Zoocci Coke Dope Announces He Is Keeping Things Strictly About The Music

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Zoocci Coke Dope Announces He Is Keeping Things Strictly About The Music. Rapper Zoocci Coke Dope has revealed that he will no longer be engaging in matters that do not concern music. The hit producer has been known to share his perspective on certain matters on his Twitter page. However some of the things he shares are sometimes misinterpreted by fans. It is a known fact, that Zoocci Coke Dope is not interested in twars or beef however when it comes to the Hip Hop game at times these subjects are hard to avoid. It seems that Zoocci has reached his limit and is taking a step back from sharing too much.

The popular producer explained there is too much “ignorance online” and this is why he switching things up in terms of what he posts. “No more commentary or perspective from me, only music from now,” shared Zoocci. He also added that he is unable to say whether his experience online has been good. It seems a prior incident, lead Zoocci to his decision as prior to his announcement he spoke about people being red in the face, arguing about something they don’t know. Zoocci a few weeks prior slammed fans for stirring beef between him and A-Reece and remarked that not everything he shares is about the rap game.

“YA’LL PiN EVERYONE AGAiNST REECE AND i’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND iT. i HAVE A LiFE OUTSiDE OF RAP , i TWEET THiNGS i ANALYSE ABOUT LiFE. SAME CONTENT iN MY MUSiC,” shared the producer. Zoocci went on to explain that sometimes fans cross the line and create enemies where there is no need all because of their love for their favourite artist. “YA’LL DON’T KNOW HOW WEiRD SOME OF THE THiNGS YA’LL DO ARE. YOU LOVE SOMEONE SO MUCH, YOU ALWAYS CREATiNG ENEMiES FOR HiM. THATS WEiRD.”

Zoocci stays clear from drama and applies the same concept with the artists he works with, he even urged DJ Speedsta to not have any drama around his releases. This however was not the case, as prior to the release of their collaboration, Pardon My French, DJ Speedsta had the Twitter streets talking because of the comments he made about Cassper Nyovest. “i TOLD SPEEDSTA TO STOP HAViNG DRAMA AROUND ANY MUSiC I’M ON LAST YEAR ALREADY. NOW WE HAVE TO DROP A BEAUTiFUL SONG AROUND SOME F*CK SH*T. YALL DONT KNOW WHOS WHO iN THE ZOO AND YOU THiNK WE ALL OPERATE FROM THE SAME CODES AND WE DONT,” shared Zoocci.

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